Recovery Day 3

Karl was moved to a step down room today. Always a good sign and closer to going home! It has a nice view of some east county hills he was enjoying watching the early morning sun rise up over. He had his transthorasic iv removed this morning and his temporary pacemaker leads taken out as well. One iv left!


He was feeling good today. Smiling sitting up playing making normal Karl sounds. It was a good day.


Echocardiogram tomorrow… Crossing fingers!!!

Recovery Day 2

Karl got some sleep last night with a few late night snacks. He woke up a bit grumpy but soon after some meds and a nap we almost got a smile out of him. He did scoot down his hospital crib sit up and grab the side rails sometime in the night. The nurse found him sitting up looking like he wanted out. Luckily he didn’t pull any IV’s out.





He seems to be feeling much better reading books and playing with some toys.




He just got both chest tubes out and his last Arterial line out of his right leg! GOOD NEWS! Now we can hold him much more! He looks pretty excited to be free of those lines and look at that smile!





Fiona was excited as well about the news Karl was doing much better.



Recovery Day 1

Last night was a rough night for Karl. He was well medicated but that does not take away hunger pains. He was hungry! Doctors did not want him to have to much all at once. If he throws up he can’t have anything for a long time. So small doses every few hours pretty much kept him good and mad all night long. Needless to say he didn’t sleep much. The morning brought a full belly of milk and pedialite thanks to grandpa Gary feeding him. He loved it! And slept for a little while wheew! Kelly took over the day shift and got to hold Karl this morning. Lucky!! He did not need as much pain meds as the night time. He seemed to be getting into a nice pattern of sleeping and eating. All the doctors said he is doing great and right on track. Karl got lots of support from the grandpas today! He finally cracked his eyes open his afternoon.


Looking good buddy!!


Fiona had a nice day out with the grandmas today.


She was also very excited to see Karl’s picture with his eyes open and heard he was doing well. She misses him though she is not the same little Fiona without her brother around.


2/20/14 Surgery day



Karl went in for his big surgery today. He was a little trooper. He was flirting with all the nurses and smiling at everybody like a little stud. He did get a little sleepy and grumpy but finally fell asleep in his mom’s arms, just in time for the nurse to come get him and take him off to surgery.

We said good bye and watched the nurse softly walk off to the operating room with Karl, trying not to wake him up.

We got the call all the lines have been put in and Karl was on the heart pump. They were about to start the operation.

We got the call the operation was done and they were taking Karl off the heart pump.

They rolled Karl by the waiting room and we got to see him. He looked pretty cute sleeping away while getting wheeled off to his room.

Karl’s surgeon, Dr. Lamberti, came by and gave us an update. Surgery went well, all the holes are patched or stitched up. His valves looked good and no pacemaker needed.

We finally got to see Karl. Wow, he had more lines hooked up to him or stuck in him than last time. He was pretty comfortable but was waking up hating the ventilator tube down his throat. Who wouldn’t right ? The afternoon went pretty much like that, sleep for a bit then wake up mad and hating that breathing tube. They would have to suction fluids from his lungs which he really really hated, then back to sleep.


They decided to pull him off the ventilator. Finally got to hear some Karl cries they were not as loud as normal but good to hear. He did well off the ventilator but was in some pain so they got him some pain meds. He looked like he was feeling good and ready to take a nice nap. Hopefully the night goes well and he sleeps and heals up. I will be here hanging with him so we will see how he does.


Thank you everybody for all the prayers, love and support for our little Karl. It means so much that so many people prayed and thought about him today.

Karl’s Heart Surgery #2

It is finally here everybody. Karl is going in tomorrow at 7:30am to get his heart all fixed up. Send some good vibes, prayers and thoughts his way.  Surgery should be around 4 hours long,  then a week or less in the hospital for recovery. I will update the blog daily with his condition and status. Thanks for all the love, prayers and good thoughts everyone. Keep them coming!!












Eight months old!!

What! How does that happen so fast?



What does that mean exactly?



Fiona that means we get a new sticker on our shirt and mom and dad take a  bunch of pictures of us. See its right here on your shirt.  This happens every month Fiona…




Holiday Fun


Grandpa Phil’s Birthday




Christmas Morning!!






Diego Enjoying his Christmas loot.DSCN2034






Opening presents is a lot of work. DSCN2055


The Kids first Christmas Kloack fest!IMG_3062





They seem to like their new hiking backpacks.








The Dedication DSCN2058




Fiona got a little wild with the fun bar and pulled everything down on top of her. The toys are much closer and easier to reach now. IMG_5561




To much bouncing… IMG_3049


Sleeping like a cool guy. IMG_5558